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requires java

Ceated in Fall 2008
With Processing


Wikiweb is a piece created in the fall of 2008, and was my first big piece of programming. The application, created in Processing, is a visual, interactive map of Wikipedia, the online, open-source encyclopedia. In the application points represent articles or images on the site. Expanding a page reveals the pages that it links to. Each article can then also be opened in a new window from the application.

One of the most notable features about Wikipedia is the way pages are linked together. In any given article numerous mentions of other subjects, people, places, or objects are linked to their respective articles. It's easy to spend hours on the site moving from one subject to another.

Through WikiWeb, I wanted to visualize this underlying structure of the site, demonstrating the way the mass of information is interconnected. As you move through the web pages begin linking back to each other through common links. You begin to see not just the linear path that you may follow, but the many complex connections. The application is also a fun, interactive interface and a great way to quickly explore Wikipedia.

Moving through the application pages are drawn together by common links. Closely related pages cluster together and unrelated groups drift away.

View the project on it's original context at where you can read the original project description and download the Processing source code for the application.