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Wave Pool 2


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This sketch builds off one of my recent experimentations in wave motion. In the script an array of waves is created by various inputs. Each wave effects the array of ‘fluid’ and creates a rippling structure. Here the structure is rendered not just after all the waves have been calculated but after each wave is processed.

The result is a stack of rippling points flowing between each other. I first just rendered each wave as a thin bar, to make sure everything was working properly, and then added a color property to the wave class. I dropped the symmetry to avoid some unintended interpretations. The script runs much slower, as I should have expected. I’ll try and streamline things a little (although it’s already very simple) and put it onto my interactive site. I might just have to put some limits on it so people don’t crash their.

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Interested in pushing the interactivity of my Processing work a little further I decided to create a little piece which responds in a more interesting way to mouse movements.

The sketch has an array of vertical bars across the screen. When the mouse is moved (or clicked) waves are created that move along the array and bounce off the walls. The speed, direction, and distance of the mouse motion effect the pool differently simply because of the way the set of waves created overlap.

Slow movements create small ripples, moving your mouse along with a wave makes it grow, and moving the mouse around quickly creates complex noise. The waves still don’t bounce off the edges perfectly, but it usually works pretty well.


A second version of the script creates waves with a different shape, but is otherwise similar. In the first version, the waves were shaped to replicate water ripples and the overall area of the bars stays about the same. In this second version, the waves form large bulges. The wave shape creates a different texture and motion and changes the interaction.


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line wave

Here’s another rendering of my line wave script iterated quite a few times. In this rendering the image is blurred before each new set of lines and also inverted to create complimentary colors. There are two desktop wallpapers one of the pictured rendering and a similar one in light blue. Click the thumbnail on the left to download a zip file containing fullscreen and widescreen versions of the wallpaper. They might be a little busy for some, but I like them. What do you think?

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Line Wave


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Concentric circles and lines always seem to catch my eye. They hold a lot of movement and tension and have an inexplicable beauty to me. This little morning project scripted in Processing draws a waving horizontal line. Each point on the line has a vertical speed and acceleration, and the line is recalculated fifty or so times.

To add a little more depth I put in a blur filter before each new line set, and an invert filter creates some nice complimentary colors.

line wave 3

line wave 5

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