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arduino led display

My processing work in my blog as slowed to a trickle recently. This is due to a couple of large projects which I can’t wait to reveal. One is a fun web project and the other a flash application. I’ve also been playing with my fancy new toy here and am beginning to make some progress. Along with the Arduino board I’m also using a prototyping shield from Adafruit. It creates a nice little workspace with a breadboard and some extra power sources and grounds. It also contains two led’s, one of which I wired to digital pin 0 on the underside of the board. This just keeps the light on (as long as I’m not using the pin for something else) when the board has power, and makes it blink when data is being transmitted. The shield covers up the power and transmission led’s on the Arduino itself.

In the photo above I have an led display I took out of something else and, for the sake of learning, programmed. Turning the potentiometer controls the display. Nothing thrilling, but it’s good practice. I’ve also been trying to understand serial communication so I can build devices which send and receive complex data.

Anyway, there’s a quick update, and here is my Arduino code in case it might be useful to someone. It’s not put together very well. In particular there should be a 2d array containing all the numerals and their corresponding led’s. But nonetheless.

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