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Geometric fractals can be very visually interesting and aesthetically pleasing and are quite easy to understand and create, even just with pencil and paper. Computers make the process a bit easier though.
Within an object oriented programming environment

geometric iteration

The process of creating such a fractal begins with a basic shape. In this illustration a line, but it could be a square, circle, arc, cube, or perhaps a bunny rabbit. Then we have the rule. Each iteration every instance of the initial object is replaced with the rule shape. Here a line is turned into a ‘Y’ and in each subsequent iteration all lines are turned into ‘Y’s as well. You can probably see quite quickly by using different rules geometric fractals can generate all sorts of shapes and textures. More possibilities are opened by adding more complex transformations, changing the scale, color, or any other property, limiting iteration to only certain shapes, adding random factors, and working in 3d environments.


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