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Space Junk


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Space Junk Illustrations for a New GameVarious illustrations of space junk for a new game. Click the image to enlarge.

I’m working on a flash prototype for my next game, which will probably end up on iOS. Moving on from Pulsus, I’m designing something with a little more narrative, scenery, and character, although it’s still pretty much just particles…

Here’s a jumble of various pieces of space junk I’m working on for the game. It’s a fun process of designing little vector rockets and spaceships and then tearing them apart. I’m aiming to release a first prototype this weekend.

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I’m taking a web design class this semester working with Etsy, an online marketplace for handmade goods. To familiarize ourselves with the site, our first assignment is to make something to sell on it. As you can imagine, students in a web design class are not necessarily the craftiest of people.

I’ve decided to design a set of coasters and have them laser cut from wood. The coasters will be circular, with designs partially cut into the surface and then primed.

I’ll post the finished pieces and a link to the shop when they’re done. They’ll come in a set of four and there will be a handful of sets available if you’re interested in them. For now, here are the designs I’m planning. They were drawn in Illustrator. Nothing generative this time. Click on the images to see them larger.

mandala coaster 3mandala coaster 4

mandala coaster 1mandala coaster 2

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