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3d Sound GridAlthough Processing does not have the ability to process audio on it’s own there are a few libraries which can be used to add such features. I’ve been experimenting with the ESS library but you can find others from the processing libraries page. Gathering Data from live or recorded sound can be a powerful tool for artists and designers in creating interactive applications, audio visualizers, music videos, or anything else that could involve an interaction with sound. Getting the data is fairly straight forward and the script returns an array of data updated each frame. This demonstration with display the data very simply, however, the numbers could be applied to any attribute in any system to produce different effects.

Here are the steps to creating a simple script to get the spectrum data from a microphone into a processing sketch. Using pre-recorded sound is similar. Once the data is in the sketch it can be manipulated and used to generate graphics or effect other aspects of a program including complex forms in 3d space using the OpenGL or P3D libraries. Read On »

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