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A variation on a script I’ve been working with to generate a 3d visualization of an audio spectrum. The color and position of the first row of cubes is based on spectrum values and then passed down the array with a decay factor. Created with Processing using the OpenGL library to create the 3d environment and ESS to gather sound data.

Another variation renders a 3d grid rather than an array of cubes.

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This Processing application uses the audio spectrum values to generate a 3d visualization. The first row of the 2d array gets it’s values from the audio input and all subsequent rows take the previous one’s each frame, multiplied by a decay factor. the result is this undulation 3d grid. The script uses the OpenGL library to handle the 3d environment and the ESS sound library to get the audio spectrum.

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I’m working to create a section of my site for interactive applets, but in the meantime i have also gotten a vimeo account to post videos of what I’m working on, especially my work with processing. There’s not much there yet, but I’ll be putting things up as i go.

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