line wave

Here’s another rendering of my line wave script iterated quite a few times. In this rendering the image is blurred before each new set of lines and also inverted to create complimentary colors. There are two desktop wallpapers one of the pictured rendering and a similar one in light blue. Click the thumbnail on the left to download a zip file containing fullscreen and widescreen versions of the wallpaper. They might be a little busy for some, but I like them. What do you think?

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  • Brent

    Hey Anthony, your Line wave 2 wallpaper is amazing. I’ve been looking for just the right soundwave wallpaper for a while. I’m glad I found it. I’m an audio freak and am intrigued by all the waves that make up this world. This suits my thoughts very well. Awesome job man. The 3D effect due to the blurring mirrors what we don’t see with the naked eye. Very impressive. Hope this message finds you well. Whatever you do, keep creating!!!