I created this Context Free Art script a few months ago and revisited it to tweak it a bit and make some nice high resolution renderings. This is a great illustration of what I find so fascinating about fractals. Computers are often considered the antithesis of organic growth, however, their incredible ability to replicate such processes seems to be in the very nature of object oriented programming. The complexity that can be formed from such simple rules and patterns continues to amaze me.

Although a mathematics purist may not willingly call this a fractal, it is in my opinion a prime example. I think BenoƮt Mandelbrot would agree with me. It is a mathematical function which, through a simple iterate system, fantastically mimics physical structures. It also has the properties of self similarity over infinite scale which is indicative of fractals.



For any concerned parties, here is the source code that can be run within Context Free Art which is free to download.

startshape neuron

rule neuron{
	branch{r 180 y 2}

rule branch{
	branch{r 2  s .995 a -.005}

rule branch .04{
	branch{r 2  s .995 a -.005}
	branch{r 2  s .995 a -.005 f 0 y 2}

rule branch .05{
	branch{r 0 s .995 a -.005 f 0 y 2}

rule icon{
	CIRCLE{s .03 y 1}


  • Andy Mangold

    These are absolutely beautiful Anthony, your finest to date for sure. I love how at this size they look fuzzy. They remind me of the dandelion seedlings. Keep it up.

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  • This work of art justifies the label beautiful : having beauty; having qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.; delighting the senses or mind.

    Thank you.

  • daniel

    nice =)

  • Heya Anthony!

    This is beautiful stuff indeed.. I run a student magazine called Magneto, here in Wellington, New Zealand.

    This month’s theme is ‘the human condition’ .. I’d like to use your fractal as adornment for the issue.

    Is that okay? I’ll be sure to credit you and add a link to this page..

    Let me know if not okay. Cheers Anthony!

  • Yale

    Amazing. Thanks for letting me know about contextfree art, and your amazing script.

  • Il Tifossi

    Really, I don’t know why people bothers with taking photos of their pets, existing fractals as wallpapers.

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