This Processing script generates a randomized particle system over a sphere. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days and, although the script has gotten a little messy, I’ve come up with a few interesting things. Each particle is generated from two random rotations and a set radius and contains a second point based on another radius. Initially I was using these points to create curves radiating from each particle, but got a little distracted. In this video the second radius of each point is dynamically calculated based on the density of particles it’s proximity. Lines are drawn between nearby points to create the web effect.


  • Andy Mangold

    Pretty sick man. Why is the 3-Dimensional shape more eliptical than spherical? It has a shallower axis it seems…

  • tony

    The issue is the coordinate system on the sphere is denser toward the poles, like on the earth, and so randomly placed points would make two very dense spots. I did a quick hack to correct this but doesn’t fix it perfectly. I sort of like the effect though.

  • marian