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Programmers have many languages at their disposal, all of which have their strengths and weaknesses and are most useful for particular applications. However, most of them have very similar structures. In order to communicate ideas between languages, to sketch out how a program should be structured, or even to explain the function of a program to non-programmers, scripts can be written in “pseudo-code.” This is just a fancy term for fake code which mimics the structure of code in simple easily understood terms. Pseudo-Code is written to be read by humans rather than computers, but still follows certain conventions. Read On »

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Processing is an open source programming language and environment developed for artists and designers to quickly and easily develop programs for any application. The language is java based, fairly easy to learn, even for the non-programmer, which includes many functions to create dynamic graphics. The environment allows for easy debugging of scripts, testing, and finally exporting of your programs to web applets or to an application for any operating system. And best of all Processing is completely free to download and very well documented, with definitions and examples for every function.

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