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Another poster for the Ligetisplit Ensemble.

The poster is a little atypical, but I tried to establish the relevant hierarchy of information in new ways to create an interesting poster. The title is near the bottom of the poster, but is large enough be the focal point. The background graphics also bring attention to it.

Other key information, for someone who wants to attend, is closest to the top-left, in a position of attention. Little icons also help to make their purpose clear at a glance.

The graphics were created in illustrator using transform tools, something I’ve been playing with in my make something cool everyday project.

New Music Exhibition - Poster for the Ligetisplit Ensemble

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Here is a poster I designed for an event held by the Ligetisplit Ensemble, a musical group in Baltimore. The event, a History of Electronic Music Instruments, should be a good night.

I used an old Processing sketch which visualized an audio stream. The typography isn’t quite what I usually do, but it seemed appropriate for the event. It probably isn’t that unusual anyway.


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Ligetisplit Ensemble Poster by Anthony Mattox

I created this set of posters for a performance by the Ligetisplit Ensemble. The images are created with Processing. I had to finagle things a little to get high resolution rendering of my processing sketch. I set the screen dimensions to the pixel dimensions I needed, scaled up my inputs to interact with the whole screen, and had to enter expose or save the image to see what it looked like. It actually worked better than I expected.

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