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I’m planning to shift the direction of my site a little. Till now the focus of my blog has primarily been my artwork and little sketches I produce, and my portfolio has been a selection of the better works from my blog.

I’d like to expand the breadth of my blog and make it a bit more bloggy. I plan on including posts of other artists I discover that inspire me and perhaps some other interesting things I come across. I’d also like to expand into some other interests of mine, including food and music. Through this I hope to share a larger range of my interests and perhaps share a little more about myself. Hopefully I can hold myself to this, so expect some thorough in the near future.

Further in the distance I plan to restructure my portfolio. Having it pull work from the blog makes it easy to update, but limits the functionality of it. Rather than a chronological list of my works, I hope to build something awesome which presents my work better.

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If you don’t know already, WordPress is kind of a big deal, and it’s about time i give it some credit. WordPress is a completely open source content management system. Being open source it is not only free for anyone to use, the source code is also visible and unencrypted making it easy for anyone which a little scripting knowledge to customize it, or use parts of it elsewhere. A content management system (cms) is a web interface which allows users to manipulate the content of a web site without having to write any code. Even for people who do know what their doing as far as building web pages this is a far better system than manually trying to write each page. I use WordPress for this website and for a few other pages I’m working on right now.

In addition to being free, the system is also very easy to use, and most importantly very well designed. Through the interface I can add or modify posts on my blog, upload images, create pages, manage my categories and links, comments, designs, and just about anything else the average blogger could ever want to do. There is even a visual editing mode (wysiwyg) allowing users to style the content of posts and pages without writing any html. Since WordPress is installed on your own server, although they also have their own hosting service now, you don’t have to worry about annoying ads and logos and a silly looking sub-domain as you would with a service like blogger. Read On »

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