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Snow. Venturing out in the tail end of the recent snow storm. I’m not used to so much snow, and neither was the rest of the city. Cars were (are) completely lost in snow and the streets were completely filled. The snow’s definitely slowed things down, and also stopped the whole city, But it was also a great experience.

With two feet of snow on the roads, the city belonged to pedestrians. The scene was fairly apocalyptic, but at the same time people were walking around in the snow and everyone seemed a little friendlier than usual. Not to mention crime has dropped to almost nothing.

Houses on Bolton Hill

At sunset after the storm, the houses were cast in the most beautiful warm light. Here is also a car under a pile of snow.

Snowy Street in Baltimore

When the snow first started it melted. The snow then stuck onto the wet trees. It made a great winter wonderland scene and took a few trees down.

Rachel Verhaaren in the Snow

Rachel Verhaaren wading through the snow.

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