Adding lines connecting nearby points in a particle system creates an interesting effect, but it does get a little messy. I thought it would be interesting if the lines only connected the nearest particles to each, which would vary from point to point, and if the lines didn’t overlap or intersect. The result would be a nice mesh with varied density. Of course after putting the script together I turned it into a drawing machine. I’ll post more on exactly how this script works sometime soon.

In this Drawing Machine a series of particles spawned when the mouse is pressed move through a morphing Perlin noise flow field. They also slightly repel each other. The netting algorithm is applied to the particles to create the dark lines and their colors slowly shift. Many different factors effect the size and transparency of the points and lines in order to keep everything moving smoothly. Lines fade out as they get longer and fade out with the points they join.






  • Rafael Marin

    Simply amazing. Processing is a really powerful tool, but it’s even more powerful when there’s someone talented behind. Congratulations!

  • David

    really cool!!! it is like time is disolutions, i often think about it and it and it is great to see it in motion and in a drawing, would be great if some day i can do something like this. Felicitaciones!!!

  • Maz

    I love your processing work! Do you think you could email me some of the code?

  • Najmus

    I must say that i am more than impressed by your work and it surely intrigues me to learn about it more. What software do you used to develop such graphics. I personally use Rhino and wanted to ask if i can develop similar sort of graphic such as Spinal Network: Drawing Machine or is it a completely different software to process for such an outcome.
    Would also like to congratulate you on your work. Looking forward to hear from you.