WordPress Processing Embed is a wp plugin to embed Processing applets into WordPress posts and pages. The plugin lets you embed applets directly into the page, or, display in the page or in a new window, when alternate content is clicked.

If you have a WordPress site go try it out. Let me know if you find any problems or have suggestions. This first release does not yet include support for libraries.


To use the plugin, upload a .jar file through the media uploader and insert the shortcode [processing file="yourapplet.jar"]. A default width, height, and embed method can be set in the admin panel and they can be overridden with parameters. Alternate content can be placed in a closing shortcode. For the ‘newwindow’ and ‘onclick’ methods, alternate content will be displayed and wrapped in an anchor tag.

A more complex example: [processing file="yourapplet.jar" width="500" height="300" method="onclick"]Alternate Content[/processing]

When exporting your applet, ‘use multiple .jar files’ should be checked in the processing preferences. The plugin already includes the core.jar file.


A java applet that will launch onclick in the page. The applet will replace the image when it is launched.


  • Lawrence Miller


    I clicked “launch java applet” in the Demo above, but nothing happened. I suppose that is because my Java installation is sick beyond my ability to repair.

    When Java quit working, I removed it in Control Panel/Add or Remove Programs and tried to reinstall it but was frustrated, as the installer kept saying it could not be installed because it was already installed.. Then I removing it manually from Program Files/Common Files and that didn’t work either. Now I seem to be S.O.L (so out of luck). So, I guess I am sentenced to a life without Java.

    Too bad, I liked what Java offered when it was healthy, like I used to like pretty girls and they liked me but… no more. I guess all good things come to an end, given time. Sucks! is all I can say.

    Cheers, and sorry for sending email, but I am a bit of a writer and I just couldn’t resist, since I liked the sound of the words I wrote, and was loath to have them die in the shadowy folds of time without shining for someone else for even a moment.

    Good luck with your thesis.

  • alan


    Thanks for your work. I’m trying to use your wordpress plugin on my self hosted wordpress blog, and I’ve followed all the instructions, but it does not appear to be woking. Simply put, the post turns up blank. Does this plugin only work on wordpress.org sites?


  • Merate Barakat

    I’m using your plug-in to post some sketches for my research on my blog.
    it works like a charm if I’m not using libraries.
    I tried to change the pe_deployJava-min.js and the pe_deployJava.js files but I don’t think I succeeded.
    the processing window appears but blank and white.
    also the method = “onclick” doesn’t work.

    can you tell me how to do this please.


    p.s. here is the link || http://meratebarakat.com/wp/2011/06/darwinian-acoustics-2/

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  • huyz

    Hey Anthony,

    I needed to be able to embed any arbitrary Java applet into WordPress. So I forked your plugin: http://huyz.us/2011/the-easiest-way-to-embed-java-in-wordpress/

    You might have also noticed my posts about bugs that I ran into in the process: http://wordpress.org/tags/wordpress-processing-embed?forum_id=10

    Great work on the plugin. And beautiful web site.

    Cheers, mate.

  • Anthony

    Glad it helped and I’m very glad to see someone else expanding on it! It was a quick little project, but unfortunately I haven’t had time to keep updating it. I think most Processing users are using processing.js for web publishing anyway.