The List List - a net art piece by Anthony Mattox

The List List is net art* piece I’ve been working on for the past few months. It is a collaborative list of lists, an open platform for everyones favorite superlatives.*the deacons of new media art might not agree as it isn’t ugly as sin and the concept isn’t unbelievable convoluted and yet meaningless.

On the site, you can create lists and vote lists and items within them up and down. The goal is just to build a collection of fun and humorous lists.

The site has been an enormous technical exercise in precisely executing a complex web page. Despite the apparent simplicity, it is one of the more involved sites I’ve built. Including a number of interactions with the database and an extensive collection of ajax scripts so that all the site’s functions can be used without reloading the page and with a flourish of sleek animations.

It’s very easy to get burned out on a piece with just a few details left to go. I did my best to polish every detail of the The List List, making every transition smooth and considering every graphic, semantic, and functional minutia.

I built the site using CodeIgniter, a php framework, and jQuery. CodeIgniter was probably not necessary, but it made laying out the foundation super fast. jQuery is of course great for animations and simplifying Ajax scripts.

The List List - a net art piece by Anthony Mattox

Go have some fun with it.