I’ve just finished a website for this cute girl I know, Rachel Verhaaren. She is a photographer, and a student here at MICA. Her work has really fantastic colors and textures (two of my favorite things), especially her large format photographs and often focus on optics and perception.

Most photographers seem to want the most minimal of sites, a white or dark grey page with their work in the middle. I felt it was more appropriate to give it just a little bit more color and give visitors a good impression of Rachel’s work as soon as they open the page, something few photographer’s sites do. WIth that in mind, her portfolio is on the front page with large images linking to sets of images.


website of Rachel Verhaaren - home page

Some nice javascript touches are built with jQuery and the site is powered by WordPress.

website of Rachel Verhaaren - portfolio page

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  • Colin Dunn

    The perfect frame for Rachel’s work. Beautiful site. I especially appreciate the CSS and javascript trickory.