Magnetic Field Clock, created in flash with ActionScript 3

Continuing with clocks in ActionScript I created this slightly less abstract clock, loosely inspired by magnetic fields. I’m happy with the way it turned out. I plan to create a screen saver from this as well. If you’re interested it should be available soon. Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or criticisms.

I had a few little battles trying to get everything functioning. Some functions in Actionscript 3 use radians, namely the trigonometry functions, while other more basic functions use degrees. Having to switch frequently between the two tripped me up a few times. Another issue, not directly related to ActionScript, was dealing with the different number sets. Each dial object has an array of text objects. Some begin with zero, so they line up with the array indexes, while others start with one and throw everything off.

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  • Me

    I like it!

  • Josh Hepworth

    Glad to see this game together. I liiiiiike it. But maybe for the seconds it should be all gray, rotate, then turn red. Only because visually, that’s kind of what’s happening with the milliseconds.

  • dim

    very creative !

  • Lokesh

    I love this! One idea, allow users to enter a custom date+time and have it transition/spin to that date+time. Why this would be nice is that you could get a chance to see the other time unit circles spin w/o having to stare at this for a day waiting for the hour or day to change. Just an idea, I do think this representation is genius.

  • Og2t

    Excellent idea Anthony! It reminded me of the one made by Simon Heys, he’s actually sharing the source code to make a Mac screensaver ( – might be helpful for you – I’d definitely download this clock as a screensaver.

  • me


  • alx