I live in Baltimore MD where I co-founded Friends of The Web. We design and build websites and mobile applications.

I love art and technology, building games, creating digital art, and dabbling in electronic music.

I keep a portfolio on this site of some of the work I do, mostly more fun artsy things, sounds, games, generative artworks. I keep a blog to publish things I’m working on and little side projects and to post some technical bits, mostly solutions to problems I couldn’t find elsewhere.

At Friends of The Web we use the web and other electronic platforms to solve problems for our clients. We’re also working on a couple of self-initiated projects.

  • Cell Cluster: Generative Artwork Created in Processing.
  • Pulsus: an immersive puzzle game for iPad and iPhone.
  • Generative artwork created in Processing.
  • Wikiweb: an interactive visual map of Wikipedia.

Currently in the project queue are a couple of iOS apps, including games and fun little generative apps, some more sounds, and perhaps a refresh of my old wikiweb project. Over at FTW I'm working on the Crowdstorms mobile application.