Anthony Mattox


digital artist, interaction designer, developer, game designer

Portrait of Anthony Mattox

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Anthony Mattox is a digital artist and designer. His work focuses on interface and web design, games, generative artworks and other interactive systems. His generative works, primarily created in Processing, are scripted, iterated processes which gradually build complex images. In design, he concentrates on user experience and usability, pushing to create more powerful, effective, and enjoyable experiences within interfaces, games, and artwork.

He also dabbles in sound, electronic music, data visualization, installation artwork, ceramics, cooking, and other nerdy ventures.

A recent graduate from the Maryland Institute College of Art’s Interaction Design program, he now lives and works in Baltimore.

Friends and Inspiration

Need Something Awesome?

I am co-founder of the Friends of The Web design studio where I create web sites, mobile, applications, and other screen based works. Get in touch with us if you need any work or advice.